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Zoom on Desktop: How and When to Use Background Filters


Learn how and when you should use a background filter in your Zoom meeting.

This article discusses options for background filters during your Zoom meeting, and when background filters might be appropriate.

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How do I add a virtual background during my Zoom meeting?

You will need to access your Background & Filters settings through the settings icon found in the meeting information window. 

You can also access virtual backgrounds by expanding the video icon at the bottom-left of the window and clicking Choose Virtual Background... 

How do I set up a virtual background before my Zoom meeting?

If you want to have your virtual background prepared before your Zoom meeting, you should access the settings menu at the top-right of the Zoom window. From there, click the Background & Filters settings. In the background & filters menu, there will be options for preloaded virtual backgrounds, the blurred background feature, and even an option for uploading your own background image. 

Note: Some of these features depend on system requirements. Make sure you’re running the latest version of Zoom on your device.  

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds and Video Filters

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