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WIC Benefits in Texas

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This article tells what WIC can do for you and your family, how to apply, and the requirements.

Learn about the WIC program in Texas.

Special thanks to Texas Health and Human Services for its contribution to this article.

How do I apply for WIC?

There are several ways to apply for WIC. To apply for participation in the WIC program, you can call 800-942-3678 or walk into your local WIC clinic to schedule an appointment.  To locate a clinic near you use the WIC office locator or call. You can also visit Texas Health and Human Services to start your application online. 

What does WIC provide?

WIC provides nutritious foods, nutrition education (nutrition counseling and classes), referrals to health and human services, breastfeeding support, and food benefits for each client. 

Who can apply for WIC?

  • Pregnant people 

  • People who are lactating 

  • Women who had a baby within the last six months 

  • Parents, stepparents, guardians, and foster parents of infants and children up to their 5th birthday 

Note: If you or your children receive Medicaid, SNAP or TANF, you already meet the income qualifications for WIC. 

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Meet the income guidelines. WIC determines income based on gross income. They count all members of your household, related, or not related to you.  They also count your unborn baby as part of your household. See below for an income guidelines chart based on gross monthly income (current as of 2023). 
Number of Household Members  Gross Yearly Household Income 
1 $0 up to $25,142 
2 $0 up to $33,874 
3 $0 up to $42,606 
4 $0 up to $51,338 
5 $0 up to $60,070 
6 $0 up to $68,802 
  • If you bring proof of participation in Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) no other documents are needed. If you or your children receive Medicaid, SNAP or TANF, you already meet the income qualifications for WIC. 

  • You must live in Texas. U.S. citizenship is not a requirement for eligibility. 

  •  You must attend a WIC appointment.  The appointment includes a health and nutrition checkup. WIC will measure, weigh, and check the iron level of each family member applying for WIC. This helps us write a "nutrition prescription" for a monthly food package that best fits you or your family. 

Are WIC services free?

Yes. All WIC services are free to those who are eligible to receive the benefits. 

How long can I stay on WIC?

If you meet the income and nutrition requirements: 

  • Infants and children can stay on WIC up to their 5th birthday. 

  • People who are pregnant receive WIC food benefits until the end of their pregnancy. 

  • People who are exclusively or mostly breastfeeding receive WIC food benefits until their baby is one year old. 

  • Women who are mostly or only-formula feeding receive WIC food benefits until their baby is six months old. 

Can I use my Texas WIC card in another state?

No, the Texas WIC card may only be used in Texas. 

What do I do if I am moving to another state?

Ask your Texas WIC clinic for a Verification of Certification form to take to your new state and make an appointment at the WIC office in your new state to receive benefits. 

What if I moved to Texas from another state?

Contact the WIC office in your area to transfer your WIC benefits from another state.  

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