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Veterans Benefits Video

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This page was created by Texas Legal Services Center and provides additional information and resources on the issues discussed in the Veterans Benefits video produced by the Texas Veterans Legal Aid Coalition.

Where can I learn about veterans benefits?

Watch this Veterans Benefits video produced by the Texas Veterans Legal Aid Coalition. It gives a brief overview of the many benefits that may be available to veterans and their families.

What is character of service and why is it important?

Simply put, character of your service determines your eligibility for VA Benefits and can be found on your DD214. To learn more about character of service review the following:

What is a discharge upgrade?

If you are not satisfied with the discharge of characterization of service that you received, you can apply for an upgrade. A discharge upgrade can change the character of your service so that you can qualify for benefits. To learn more about discharge upgrades review the following:

What is a character of discharge determination?

If a veteran fails to get a discharge upgrade, they may have another way to get VA health benefits through a character of discharge determination. To learn more about this process review the following:

Where can I learn more about VA health care benefits?

Where can I learn more about VA disability benefits?

Watch this VA Disability Benefits video produced by the Texas Veterans Legal Aid Coalition. The video briefly summarizes VA disability benefits (VA disability compensation and VA pension) and under what conditions you might qualify for them. To learn more about VA disability benefits review the following:

What are VA survivor benefits?

You may be entitled to several benefits if you are a survivor of a veteran who is deceased or totally and permanently disabled by a service-connected disability. To learn more about VA survivor benefits review the following:

Where can I find more information on VA education benefits?

VA education benefits can assist veterans and their qualified family members with paying for their education. There are various education benefits available and there are things to consider before you apply. To learn more about education benefits and what you might qualify for review the following:

What is Aid and Attendance?

Aid and Attendance is an additional benefit that can be paid to qualifying veterans and spouses who require assistance with their daily life activities, such as help with personal hygiene, dressing, eating, using the bathroom, and mobility. To learn more about Aid and Attendance review the following:

Are there any low-cost nursing home facilities available for veterans in Texas?

Yes. Texas has nine Texas State Veterans Homes that provide affordable, long-term care to qualified Texas veterans, their spouses, and Gold Star Parents. Learn more about the homes and where they are located by clicking here.

Where can veterans find more videos that discuss legal issues?

Please visit the Texas Veterans Videos page. Click here.

Where can I get help applying for benefits?

The Texas Veterans Legal Aid Coalition is comprised of thirteen legal aid organizations who provide a variety of legal services to veterans in Texas. For help, contact the organizations who serve your county. Click here for a complete list of the organizations and the counties they serve.