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Utilities and Landlord/Tenant Issues

Eviction & Other Landlord Issues

This article from the Austin Tenants Council provides information about unlawful utility disconnection in Texas. This page also includes forms you can use to enforce your right to utilities.

The Austin Tenants' Council serves the Austin, Texas, area, but its web site has useful information for all Texas residents.

Utility issues for renters

The Austin Tenants Council wrote an article about utilities for renters in Texas.

The article includes information on topics such as:

  • Tenant's right to utilities
  • What to do if a landlord shuts off utilities illegally 
  • Rules for how landlords must calculate utilities
  • What to do if a landlord is supposed to pay utilities but does not


CLICK HERE for the full article on tenant utilities.

Utility Restoration Demand Form

CLICK HERE for the Unlawful Utility Interruption Worksheet (to demand that your landlord restore your utilities).

Court Forms

CLICK HERE for the Writ of Restoration Application (to ask the court to order the landlord to restore your utilities).

CLICK HERE for the Writ of Restoration (for the court to sign, ordering the landlord to restore utilities).