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Texas Probate Passport: Wills, Estates, Power of Attorney, and Probate

Transfer on Death Deeds

Understand laws about what happens to your property after you die.

Learn more about the “Texas Probate Passport” prepared by the Texas Young Lawyers Association to inform the public regarding what happens legally to a person’s property when they die with a will or without a will (and how the probate process works).


The packet at the link above provides good general information about:

  • Dying Without A Will,
  • Making a Will,
  • Probating Wills,
  • Estate Administration,
  • Power of Attorney,
  • And More!

If you have general questions about Wills and Estates in Texas, the link below has valuable information you need to know.

Visit the Texas Young Lawyers Association to download the Texas Probate Passport.

Table of Contents

Section 1 – You Can't Take it With You – Page 1

Section 2 – Dying Intestate (Without A Will) – Page 1

Section 3 – Disadvantages of Dying Without A Will – Page 1

Section 4 – Children and Intestacy – Page 2

Section 5 – Executing A Will To Achieve Desired Property Distribution – Page 3

Section 6 – Probate of Wills – Page 4

Section 7 – Estate Administration – Page 6

Section 8 – Conclusion – Page 12

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