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Texas Family Law Handbook (Houston Bar Association)

This handbook tells you about Harris County family law courts and many family law issues.


The Houston Bar Association's Family Law Handbook contains Harris County-specific resources and information, with useful general material about Texas family law. 

The handbook, at the link above, is in a question-and-answer format, divided into family law topics. All family law issues cannot be addressed in one handbook. But the handbook may give you a broad overview of your rights and remedies.

This handbook is based on Texas law. It is meant to inform you, not advise you. This is a general summary of the laws as they existed in September 2017. It contains only general, basic information. Exceptions may exist. You should seek legal advice from an attorney to advise you in your particular situation.

The Family Law Handbook is a project of the Houston Bar Association and its Family Law Section. 


Family Law Handbook table of contents

To help you navigate the Family Law Handbook, TexasLawHelp.org has included its table of contents.

  • Introduction to Harris County Family Law Courts
    • Page 3
  • Mediation
    • Page 5
  • Collaborative Law
    • Page 6
  • Marriage and Divorce
    • Page 6
  • Division of Property Upon Divorce
    • Page 10
  • Alimony In Texas
    • Page 12
  • Custody
    • Page 14
  • Special Appointments & Ad Litem Representation
    • Page 17
  • Grandparent Rights
    • Page 18
  • Parentage/Paternity Suits
    • Page 19
  • Adoption
    • Page 22
  • Modifying Custody, Visitation and Child Support
    • Page 23
  • Family Violence: Protective Orders
    • Page 25
  • Change of Name of a Minor Child.
    • Page 26
  • Change of Name of an Adult
    • Page 27
  • Removal of a Child’s Legal Disabilities
    • Page 27
  • Enforcement of Court Orders
    • Page 29
  • Parental Liability
    • Page 34
  • Child Protective Services
    • Page 35
  • Consumer Debt
    • Page 37
  • Resource & Referral Numbers
    • Page 38