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Rights for Tenants with Health Issues

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Tenants with health issues have protections against discrimination.

Learn more about your rights as a tenant with health issues, including issues related to COVID-19 and protections against discrimination from landlords.

Can my landlord discriminate against me due to COVID-19?

No. Disability Rights Texas has written an article that answers questions about tenants living with COVID-19 and other disabilities. It answers questions about things like harassment due to health issues and when a tenant may be able to break your lease for health reasons. Go here to read the article.

Can I break my lease because I need to move in with someone who will care for me?

Maybe so. Disability Rights Texas has written an article that answers this and many other health-related tenant questions. Go here to read the article.

How far does a landlord have to go to help people with disabilities?

The Fair Housing Act says that landlords have to make reasonable accommodations to help tenants who have disabilities. For more information on Fair Housing Act protections, read this presentation from the North Central Texas Aging and Disability Center.

Does COVID-19 count as a disability?

Having COVID-19, getting exposed to COVID-19, or even showing symptoms that might be confused with COVID-19 could be considered disabilities that require your landlord to work with you. Read this article by the The National Housing Law Project for more information.

I have a COVID-19 related disability and can't work or travel. Can I ask my landlord to work with me on rent?

Yes. You can try to negotiate a payment agreement with your landlord as part of a reasonable accommodation request. 

This National Housing Law Project article includes a sample letter for attorneys who want to work out a rent payment plan for their client as a reasonable accommodation.  

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