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Repairs: The Tenant's Right and the Landlord's Duty

Disclaimer: The contents of this article were adapted from material created by the Austin Tenants' Council. The Austin Tenants' Council serves the Austin, Texas, area, but its web site has useful information for all Texas residents.

Repairs: The Tenant’s Right and the Landlord’s Duty

This article provides information about tenants' right to repairs. It is adapted from material by the Austin Tenants' Council.

Tenants have the right to have landlords repair conditions that threaten their health or safety. Texas Property Code sections 92.052 through 92.061 describe these rights and duties. It also explains what tenants must do to enforce their rights. It also explains what remedies are available for a tenant if the landlord fails to make the repairs. It also explains that tenants must give proper notice in order to get their repair remedies.

For residential tenants living anywhere in Texas, the landlord must provide:

· A dwelling that is decent, safe, and sanitary;
· Repairs of conditions that threaten the health or safety of a tenant;
· Hot water at a minimum temperature of 110° Fahrenheit;
· Smoke detectors; and
· Secure locks on all doors and windows, including a keyless bolting device. 

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