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Recovering from Hurricanes: Videos you can watch to learn more about your rights.

Disaster Relief

English and Spanish videos about steps you can take to recover from Hurricane Harvey.

This article contains videos in English and Spanish you can watch to help you recover from Hurricane Harvey. These videos were done by Texas RioGrande Legal Aid. In the videos, attorneys explain your rights after a disaster. 

Immigrant Assistance

Immigrants' rights to assistance after a disaster. 

Insurance Claims

First steps families should take when dealing with insurance after a hurricane. 

Renters' Rights After Disaster

As a renter, you have rights after a disaster hits. Watch the video below for more information.

Education Rights

Please watch the video below for information on education rights, including enrolling children in school after a hurricane. 

FEMA Claims

Watch this video about what FEMA can do for you after a disaster and how to appeal a denial of FEMA benefits. 

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