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Nondisclosure - Procedure for Certain Victims of Trafficking of Persons - Under Section 411.0728

What is an Order of Nondisclosure?

An order of nondisclosure is a court order prohibiting public entities such as courts and police departments from disclosing certain criminal records. If you have a criminal record, you may benefit from obtaining such an order. You are not required to disclose information related to an offense that is the subject of an order of nondisclosure. 
Please note that an order of nondisclosure applies to a particular criminal offense. The order does not apply to all offenses that may be on your criminal history record, but you may obtain multiple orders of nondisclosure for multiple offenses. 
As mentioned above, an order of nondisclosure prohibits entities holding information about a certain offense on your criminal history record from disclosing that information. This is a general rule. There are exceptions. Certain state agencies may still obtain information concerning an offense that is the subject of an order of nondisclosure. 
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The information, instructions, and forms provided in this resource assume that you have:

Section 411.0728 nondisclosures in detail

This section is only for persons wishing to obtain an order of nondisclosure for a prostitution offense solely on the ground that the person was a victim of trafficking of persons.
This section applies to both felony and misdemeanor offenses; however, you must have been placed on probation, not deferred adjudication, in order to qualify.
Additionally, although the offense may have occurred before or after September 1, 2015, the order that sets aside the conviction must have occurred after September 1, 2015. 

Obtaining a nondisclosure under Section 411.0728 - Procedure

  • In order to obtain an order of nondisclosure under Section 411.0728, if you are eligible, you must file a petition, but you cannot file the petition before your conviction has been set aside.
  • The court must make a determination that you committed the offense solely as a victim of trafficking of persons and that issuance of the order of nondisclosure is in the best interest of justice.
  • The forms and instructions for filing a petition under Section 411.0728 are available below. 
  • You do not have to pay the clerk to notify the prosecutor of your petition.
    • Under Section 411.0745(e), Government Code, the court must notify the prosecutor.
  • Additionally, you do not have to pay the court to notify law enforcement of the order of nondisclosure, if the court issues an order.
    • Under Section 411.075, Government Code, the clerk must notify the Crime Records Service Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety (hereinafter “DPS”) of the order of nondisclosure, and DPS must notify the other law enforcement agencies and entities listed in the statute.

Forms and Instructions Below

NOTE: It is a good idea to have a lawyer review your forms before you file or send them to ensure you have taken the right steps in the legal system. Please click the link below for information on limited scope representation for information on a good way to contact a lawyer for help.

Limited Scope Representation

Please see the forms and instructions for this type of order of nondisclosure directly below.