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Natural Disaster Relief Hotlines and Clinics

Eviction & Other Landlord Issues

This article can tell you about the different places you can contact for more legal assistance on recovering from the ongoing effects of a natural disaster. 

Disaster Relief: Contacts & Resources

Please review the contacts and resources listed below. They can help you prepare for, survive, and recover from a disaster.

Non-Profit Organizations

American Red Cross

(800) HELP-NOW

Salvation Army

(800) SAL-ARMY

Missing Persons Registries

(866) GET-INFO

Disaster Resource Manual

See the Disaster Resource Manual for answers to many of your questions and information on different organizations that may be able to help you.

Go to the Disaster Resource Manual.

Weather Safety Tips

For safety tips related to tornadoes, thunderstorms, and flooding, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety Severe Weather Awareness Web page.

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