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Lockouts (with form)

Disclaimer: The contents of this article were adapted from material created by the Austin Tenants' Council. The Austin Tenants' Council serves the Austin, Texas, area, but its web site has useful information for all Texas residents.

A lockout is not an eviction.

A lockout is not an eviction. Some think it is a way to evict a tenant, but lockouts are really meant to make a tenant who's late with the rent talk to the landlord about the problems and payment. Texas Property Code chapters 92.0081 through 92.009 describe when a landlord may change the locks on a rental unit, and the tenant’s remedies if the law is not followed.

According to the Austin Tenants' Council, the lockout law says:

  • The lease must include written notice of the landlord’s right to exercise a lockout.
  • The tenant must be behind on rent.
  • The landlord must give advance, written notice to the tenant.
  • The tenant does not have to pay any money to regain entry into the rental unit.
  • The landlord must give the tenant a key upon request.


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