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Legal Aid, Bar Association, and Nonprofit Organizations - Useful Websites

Self-Help Support

This article contains information on useful legal aid, bar association, and nonprofit organization websites you can access for information and services to help on your issues. This article was put together by TexasLawHelp staff.
Useful Information

Most websites produced by legal aid organizations, bar associations, or other non-profit organizations can be trusted to contain free and reliable legal information. 

Helpful Services

These organizations may also be able to provide you with helpful services. 

Please see each of the sections below for information on useful legal aid, bar association, and non-profit organization websites for each corresponding legal topic.


The list below is intended to provide examples of useful websites. It is not an exhaustive listing. There may be additional websites, not listed here, able to help you.


Court Basics

  • American Bar Association
    • The American Bar Association ("ABA") is a professional organization committed to " improving the legal profession and advancing the rule of law throughout the United States." They have a good deal of information on the legal system, you may find helpful. 
    • Please click here to learn more. 
  • State Bar of Texas
    • The State Bar of Texas is the second largest state bar association in the United States. Its mission is to "support the administration of the legal system, assure all citizens equal access to justice, foster high standards of ethical conduct for lawyers, enable its members to better serve their clients and the public, educate the public about the rule of law, and promote diversity in the administration of justice and the practice of law."
    • Their website has useful information specifically designed for use by the public.
    • Please click here for more information.
  • Texas Young Lawyers Association
    • The Texas Young Lawyers Association ("TYLA") is part of the State Bar of Texas. Their primary purpose is to "facilitate the administration of justice, foster respect for the law, and advance the role of the legal profession in serving the public."
    • Their website has comprehensive information on the legal system, you may find useful when trying to solve your legal problems.
    • Please click here to learn more.
  • The People's Lawyer 

Family, Divorce, and Children

    • This is the website of the Texas Access and Visitation Hotline. This hotline is operated by Texas Legal Services Center, in conjunction with the Texas Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division. It seeks to "provide easy, statewide access to basic legal information, education, and resources for parents and other interested parties who do not have access to an attorney."
    • Their website has a good deal of answers to common questions about access and visitation issues.
    • Please click here for more information. 

Protection from Violence or Abuse

Criminal Records and Traffic

House and Apartment

Health and Benefits

  • Disability Rights Texas
    • Disability Rights Texas is a non-profit organization, with a mission to "help people with disabilities understand and exercise their rights under the law, ensuring their full and equal participation in society."
    • Their website has a wide variety of information on the law affecting disabled Texans and their families. 
    • Please click here for more information. 
  • National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives
    • The National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives is " a specialized bar association for attorneys and other advocates who represent people with disabilities. 
    • NOSSCR's mission is to "advocate for improvements in Social Security disability programs and to ensure that individuals with disabilities applying for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits have access to highly qualified representation and receive fair decisions. 
    • Their website has a lawyer referral service for Social Security benefits cases and useful information as well. 
    • Please click here to learn more. 

Money and Debt

    • This website is THE national legal aid website for disaster relief. It is administered by Lone Star Legal Aid and contains information to help you prepare for, deal with and recover from natural disasters. 
    • Please click here for more information. 
  • National Consumer Law Center
    • Since 1969 the mission of the non-profit National Consumer Law Center ("NCLC") has been to "work for consumer justice and economic security for low-income and other disadvantaged people, including older adults, in the U.S."
    • Their website has information that consumers may find helpful when dealing with common consumer law issues.
    • Please click here to learn more. 
  • Pension Rights Center
    • The Pension Rights Center ("PRC") is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to "protecting and promoting the retirement security of American workers, retirees, and their families."
    • Their website has useful information for those with questions or issues concerning pension and retirement.
    • Please click here for more information. 

School and Work

Veterans and Military

Individual Rights

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