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Landlord's Liens

Eviction & Other Landlord Issues

This article explains what a landlord's lien is.

This Austin Tenants Council article explains the types of property at risk from being seized under a landlord lien, and what to do if you are subject to a landlord lien. 

What is a Landlord’s Lien?

Texas law gives a landlord a lien on a tenant’s non-exempt property for unpaid rent that is due. If a tenant is behind on rent and a written lease gives the landlord permission to exercise this lien on the tenant’s property, the landlord may enter the rental unit and take non-exempt property to secure payment of the delinquent rent.

The clause giving the landlord permission must be underlined or printed in conspicuous bold print to be enforceable. 

When a landlord seizes property, the landlord must leave a written notice of entry and an itemized list of all the items removed.

Click the link below for more information

Austin Tenants Council has written a helpful article about landlord liens in Texas. The article includes:

  • Items a landlord cannot seize
  • Abandoned leases and property
  • How a tenant can get property back
  • What a tenant can do if the landlord illegally takes their property

CLICK HERE for the full article on landlord liens.