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Immigration Rights Resources

Immigration Laws & Rights

Regardless of your immigration status, you have rights. Be prepared for police and immigration by learning your rights and how to use them.

Learn your rights so you can be confident about what to do if you have to deal with Immigration or the police. Discover strategies for dealing with them if they show up at your home, your job, or in a public place.

What do I do if Immigration or the police come to my house?

Stay calm. Do not open the door for Immigration or police unless they have a warrant. A warrant is paperwork a judge signs giving them permission to show up at your house and to search for something.

What do I do if Immigration shows up at my job?

Be courageous and discuss this with your employer in advance. If they show up, stay calm and don’t run. Immigration officers can’t enter the job site without permission from the owner or manager. To come into the job site, they must have a warrant. Remember, you have the right to remain silent and to request to talk to a lawyer. The best preparation is to know your rights.

What if ICE takes me or my family members into custody?

Be sure to make an emergency plan just in case you are deported. Use the ICE locator to find and help someone who is detained.

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