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Immigration Preparedness Kit - Learn How to Protect Yourself and Your Family in Case of Contact with Immigration.


This resource provides useful legal and practical information on what to do in case of contact with immigration. It contains information on making a safety plan, what to do if stopped by the police, immigration, and more. There are also some sample legal documents you may find useful. This resource was written by Texas RioGrande Legal Aid. 

Click the link above to download the FULL kit.

Table of Contents

  • Be Informed -- Page 2
    • What to Do if You Are Stopped by the Police -- Page 4
    • What to Do if You Have Contact with Immigration -- Page 6
  • Protect Yourself and Your Family Plan Ahead -- Page 8
    • Make a Safety Plan for Your Family -- Page 10
    • List of Essential Documents -- Page 12
    • Emergency Contacts -- Page 14
    • Special Power of Attorney -- Information Sheet -- Page 16
    • Important Financial Information -- Page 18
  • Sample Legal Documents -- Page 20
    • Sample Special Power of Attorney -- Page 23
    • Form to Report Civil Rights Violations by Immigration --  Page 27