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How to Use WebEx

Virtual Court

Learn how to use Cisco Webex’s video platform for virtual court hearings.

Some courts use Cisco Webex (Webex) as their platform for virtual hearings. This article includes an index of resources explaining how to use Webex including how to use Webex, using the chat feature, how to share files, and other Webex features. This will help you prepare for your virtual hearing. 

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How do I get started with Webex?

Read Get Started with Webex Meetings for Attendees to learn how to use Webex for virtual hearings as a party. 

Download or install Webex on your device: 

How do I join a Webex hearing?

Read Join a Webex Meeting to learn how to join a meeting from your computer, mobile device, phone call, or video system.  

Read Get Started with the Webex Meetings web app to learn how to join a meeting without downloading anything on your computer. 

How do I use Webex on my mobile phone?

Read Connect to Webex Meetings to learn how to join a meeting and more from your iPhone or Android mobile device. 

How do I control my audio in a Webex meeting?

Read the following articles to learn about using audio before and during a Webex meeting: 

How do I use chat in a Webex meeting?

Read How Do I Send a Chat Message to learn how to use chat during a meeting. 

You can also use reactions in meetings to express yourself without saying anything. 

Warning: Only use the chat feature if you are direct to by the court. Do not use the chat feature to talk to your lawyer unless directed to by your lawyer. Do not ever use the chat feature to talk to the other party. 

How do I share evidence with the court on Webex?

If your court requires you to present evidence by sharing your screen, read Share Content in Meetings to learn how.

What is a breakout room and how do I use it?

Courts will sometimes use breakout rooms during a hearing for breaks or to discuss issues with attorneys or parties separate from the main hearing. If you are invited to a breakout room during your hearing, you will need to be sure you know how to enter and exit a breakout room without accidentally ending your call. Read Breakout Sessions in Meetings to learn how to use a breakout room in Webex. 

If you need help during a breakout session, read Ask for Help to learn how to let your meeting host know. 

What are the system requirements to join a Webex meeting?

Read Webex Meetings Suite System Requirements to figure out if your device is compatible with Webex. 

Where can I learn more about Webex?

Use Webex’s Help Center Index to find information for any additional topics you want to learn about. 

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