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How to Fix Mistakes on Your Credit Card Bill

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This article provides information on what to do if you notice a billing mistake on your credit card statement.

Learn how to fix a mistake on your credit card bill and a few tips for catching mistakes. Mistakes happen. When they do, knowing how to fix them can save you money and time. Follow the below step-by-step to dispute incorrect charges or fees. 

Special thanks to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for their contribution to this article. 

What do I do when I spot a mistake on my credit card statement?

You should first try speaking with the vendor or merchant and try clearing up the mistake without having to involve the credit card company. 

What do I do if the vendor or merchant doesn’t want to fix the mistake?

Contact your credit card company by calling their customer service number, usually found on the statement or the back of your card, or filing a dispute online. Explain what is wrong with your bill. The credit card company should listen to what you say and look into the problem. 

Do I have to contact my credit card company within a certain time?

Yes. You must reach out to your credit card company within 60 days of receiving your statement. 

Does the credit card company have to answer me within a certain time?

Yes. The credit card company has 30 days from the date you submit a dispute to respond to you. 

How long do they have to investigate my dispute?

The credit card company has two billing cycles to investigate your dispute and make a decision. 

Do I have to pay my bill while they investigate?

Yes. You must pay the undisputed charges. However, you do not have to pay the disputed fees or charges.

Step-by-step instructions 

  1. Try to resolve the error with the merchant. 

  2. Collect and prepare all of your documentation in order to prove the error. 

  3. If the merchant does not want to resolve the dispute, contact your credit card company. It is very important to do this within 60 days of receiving your credit card statement. 

  4. Follow up with a letter. Also, send a written notice to the credit card company as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. Your bill contains instructions on how and where to send this notice. 

  5. Confirm the address for billing disputes. The address is not always the same as the one you send your payments to.

  6. Include your name, address, account number, and a clear explanation of what you believe the error is and why. Keep a copy of your letter. 

Do you have any tips?

  • Review your credit card statement closely every month. The only way to find mistakes is to review your charges and fees carefully. 

  • Compare your starting balance with the previous month’s bill.  

  • Look for anything unfamiliar, including “add-on,” or optional, fee-based products. 

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