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How to File a Complaint Against a Utility Company

Filing a complaint

Note: Where you file a complaint depends on where you live.  

Complaints by customers in deregulated and regulated service areas: file a complaint at the Public Utility Commission (PUC).  PUC complaint filing information can be located on the PUC web site at www.puc.texas.gov.  You can call -- toll free at 1(888) 782-8477.  In Austin the number is (512) 936-7120 (TTY 1-800-735-2988).  You can also email customer@puc.texas.gov to file a complaint.  Whether you call or email the PUC, be sure to include information about disconnection notices and disconnection dates you have received from your electric provider.  If you are being threatened with disconnection of service or if you believe your service was unfairly disconnected the PUC is the only authority that can intervene in your behalf.  

The PUC is a resource even for complaints against electric cooperatives and municipal utilities.  If a cooperative or municipal utility says it follows PUC rules the next logical step is to verify the standard set by the PUC rule.  In addition, the PUC’s Office of Customer Protection tracks the number of calls received from individuals turned away because of lack of jurisdiction.  
Complaints by electric cooperative customers: should be written, addressed to the local electric cooperative office, and copied to the board of directors.  Most boards have an established regular meeting date (like the third Tuesday of every month) and will permit a member time to speak at the end of the meeting.  A listing of board members and meeting times should be available from the electric cooperative. If not, electric cooperative board information can be obtained by calling Texas Electric Cooperatives, an industry association based in Austin at (512) 454-0311.  

The Texas Legislature has authority over rural electric cooperatives.  If you are unhappy with your service or the handling of your complaint you should contact your state representative and state senator and ask them for their help in resolving you issue.   

Complaints by Municipal utility customers: municipal utilities should have established procedures for handling customer complaints. If there are no clear guidelines available write to the mayor and city council members and attend a city council meeting and ask for a decision.