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Federal and State Agencies: Useful Websites

Self-Help Support

This article contains information about useful federal or government websites that you can access for information and services that will help you with your problems. This article was written by TexasLawHelp staff.
Useful information

Most websites produced by federal and state government agencies and / or departments can be trusted to contain free and reliable legal information.

Useful services

These organizations may also be able to provide you with useful services.

Please see each of the sections below for information on useful federal or state government websites for each legal issue.


The list below is intended to provide examples of useful federal and state government websites. It does not include each and every useful federal or state government website. There may be other federal or state websites, which are not listed here, that can assist you.


Court Basics

Family, Divorce, and Children

Protection From Violence or Abuse

Criminal Records and Traffic

House and Apartment

Health and Benefits

Money and Debt

School and Work

Veterans and Military

Individual Rights

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