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End of COVID-19 SNAP Benefits: Info and Options

Food & Cash Benefits

This article is about the temporary pandemic SNAP benefits that ended in March.

Learn more about the temporary pandemic SNAP benefits that ended in March, what you can do, and how you can get help in other ways.

What are food stamps?

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food benefits, also known as food stamps, help families buy food and groceries. Emergency SNAP can provide food help within a day or two. SNAP benefits are distributed and used through the Lone Star Card; a plastic card used like a credit card. SNAP benefits can be used at grocery stores, convenience stores, and farmers' markets that accept the Lone Star Card to purchase food and seeds to grow food. Some farmers' markets may offer half-off food items purchased with the Lone Star Card. You cannot use SNAP benefits to buy alcohol, tobacco products, nonfood items, vitamins, medicine, food eaten in the store, or hot foods. 

What are temporary Pandemic SNAP Benefits?

Temporary SNAP benefit increases were enacted by Congress to help people pay for food during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Will this impact me?

Temporary SNAP benefit increases ended in 35 states. Check out the map below from The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to see which states are impacted by this change.  

When does the temporary benefit increase end?

Due to federal guidelines the Temporary benefit increase ended on March 1, 2023, making February 2023 the last month you will receive the temporary emergency allotments.  

How much will be cut from my monthly SNAP benefits?

Each household will see a reduction of at least $95 a month. Some households, with somewhat higher incomes, receiving low SNAP benefits under regular SNAP rules will see reductions of about $250 a month or more.  

Will Texas Health and Human Services send me a notice?

Yes. The HHSC mailed notices to each SNAP household earlier this year with information about the change.  

How can I find out how much my new monthly benefit will be?

You can visit, log in to the Your Texas Benefits mobile app and go to Case Details, or call 2-1-1 and, select option 9 after selecting a language. 

What should I do now?

You should go on and make sure that all your household information is up to date, such as household size, income, and expenses.  

Can I appeal this?

No. This change cannot be appealed. If you would like to appeal a change unrelated to this or if you believe the change was incorrectly calculated, please visit our article on Food Stamps (SNAP) for more information. 

What if I still need the extra assistance?

If you feel that you need extra assistance, please reach out to community resources.  

  • Visit, which contains listings of food pantries and food banks in the state of Texas.   

  • You can also visit Feeding Texas for a food bank directory

  • Visit the Double Up Food Bucks program, a program that helps Texans stretch their SNAP benefits. You can buy fruits and vegetables and Double Up will match every dollar in SNAP benefits used to purchase local produce at participating locations. 

  • Please visit our article on rent assistance, for a list of local rent assistance programs. 

  • Our article on Texas homeowners assistance fund program for more information on the TXHAF program helping homeowners pay their mortgage and related expenses, such as back taxes, insurance, HOA fees, and condo association fees. 

  • Also, check out these article for help with utilities and for help with internet bills

  • For more information on finding resources for food, health, housing, and more visit 

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