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Elder Law Handbook (Houston Bar Association)

Elder Abuse

This article highlights a handbook on Texas elder law. The Elder Law Handbook covers information such as powers of attorney, guardianship, Medicaid, wills, and more. It was written by the Houston Bar Association

Elder Law Handbook overview

The Houston Bar Association's Elder Law Handbook contains Harris County-specific resources, plus general material about Texas elder law.

This handbook helps senior citizens and their families learn about issues facing seniors. Older adults should know their legal rights and how to enforce those rights. The handbook is in a question-and-answer format, divided into elder law topics. All elder law issues cannot be addressed in one handbook. But it may give you an overview of your rights and remedies.

This handbook is based on Texas law and is meant to inform you, not advise you. This is a general summary of the laws (as of 2019). Exceptions may exist. Talk to a lawyer about your situation.

Elder Law Handbook table of contents

To help you navigate the Elder Law Handbook, has included its table of contents.

  • Income
    • Page 3
  • Medicare and Medicaid
    • Page 14
  • Housing
    • Page 20
  • Incapacity
    • Page 28
  • Elder Abuse
    • Page 37
  • Transferring Property
    • Page 45
  • After Death
    • Page 56

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