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Displaced Tenants

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Learn about programs that can help displaced tenants in Texas.

A displaced tenant is someone who must relocate because of government actions like eminent domain or zoning regulation changes. For more information on qualifying for assistance and choosing the appropriate assistance plan, see the Texas Tenant Relocation Toolkit.

What is a displaced tenant?

Here, “displaced tenant” means that you must move due to a federally funded action, a state or local government taking of your property, or code enforcement action. For example, if the government has to knock down your home to build a road, you might be a displaced tenant.

I am a displaced tenant. What kind of assistance can I get?

You may be entitled to moving costs, help with housing payments, and help finding a new home.

I am not displaced yet, but I think I will be forced to move soon. Do I have any rights?

Yes. You may be able to get help to move as soon as you get notice that a government project intends to acquire the property where you live.

I received notice that I have to move because my building violates city codes. Do I qualify for assistance?

You may qualify for assistance under the Texas Relocation Assistance law. You may also qualify for assistance under city ordinances.

What law gives me my rights?

There are many different laws and programs that may help you. These include but are not limited to:

  • Uniform Relocation Assistance and Property Acquisition Policies Act
  • Housing and Urban Community Development Act 104(d)
  • Texas Relocation Assistance Law
  • Local ordinances (Depending on your situation, local laws might give you even more protections than federal and state laws.)

Remember, you can usually only get help from one of the available programs.

For more information on the different programs, read the Texas Tenant Relocation Toolkit.

When do I have to move?

If you are going to be displaced due to a federally funded program, you have at least 90 days from when you get written notice before you must move. However, you may have to move sooner if it would be dangerous for you to stay. You should not have to move until a new home is available.

Note that some city programs may give you even more time to move, depending on your circumstances.

How long do I have to claim my moving expense and housing benefits?

For federal programs, you must file your claims within 18 months after your move date. You may have more or less time under state and local programs.

Where can I find more information?

Read the Texas Tenant Relocation Toolkit for more details about how to qualify for assistance and which assistance plan is right for you.

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