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Disaster Manual: Section 16: Disaster Resource and Referral Guide

This is the sixteenth section of the Disaster Manual. This section contains information on resources available to help disaster victims. This resource is meant for volunteer lawyers. This resource was written by Lone Star Legal Aid.

At times, a referral to an attorney is not the best course of action. In your search for assistance, you may find that private community organizations or one or more local, state, or federal agencies can help you. In addition to providing emergency information, this guide lists resources, community service organizations, and government agencies with offices located in the areas where the people are being temporarily housed. It also includes the toll-free numbers for many state and federal agencies.


Disaster Manual Table of Contents

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  1. Introduction
  2. FEMA Assistance
  3. Falling Trees, Flying Limbs & Loud Neighbors
  4. Landlord/Tenant Issues
  5. Real and Personal Property
  6. Employer/Employee Issues
  7. Social Security, Banking, and Financial Issues
  8. Consumer Protection Issues
  9. Insurance Issues
  10. Health Care Issues
  11. Personal Bankruptcy Issues
  12. Replacing Lost Documents
  13. Family Law Issues
  14. Education
  15. Immigration Issues
  16. Resource & Referral Guide

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Disaster Manual - Full

Chapter 16 - Resource & Referral Guide