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Civil Asset Forfeiture: A Toolkit for Property Owners

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Texas Appleseed offers a guide for property owners on defending against a civil asset forfeiture case.

This toolkit contains information, forms, and a hypothetical case that helps explain the civil asset forfeiture process and how you can get your property back if has been taken by law enforcement.

What is civil asset forfeiture?

Civil asset forfeiture is the legal process that allows law enforcement to take property they believe is used or intended to be used in committing certain crimes. The owners of the property do not have to be charged with a crime for the property to be taken.  To get the property back the owners must prove the property seized was not involved in criminal activity. Follow this link for an overview of civil asset forfeiture. 

What is an example of a civil asset forfeiture case?

Texas Appleseed offers a made-up situation to help explain the civil asset forfeiture process to Texans. Follow this link to read about Steve Carter's civil asset forfeiture case and the process he went through when he was served with a forfeiture suit.

I have a question about my civil asset forfeiture case. Can you answer it?

Follow this link for a list of common questions and answers about civil asset forfeiture.

Can you help me prepare for court?

Going to court can be intimidating and stressful. Use this checklist to make sure you are prepared to appear and defend your rights in court.

I need a document for my case. Where can I get it?

Follow this link for list of sample documents you might need for your case, and the full Civil Asset Forfeiture Toolkit.

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