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Child Support Calculator

Click here for the free Child Support Calculator

About this Free Interactive Tool:

This tool calculates the potential child support obligation based on the guidelines found in the Texas Family Code. If you would like non-guideline support you should consult with a lawyer.

The Court usually relies on the child support guidelines in the Texas Family Code to decide how much child support should be paid to support the children. It is presumed that the guidelines are in a child’s best interest. The best interests of the child are very important to the court. The guidelines are based on a percentage of the obligor’s net monthly income from all sources.

Click this link for the child support section of the Texas Family Code

The tool guides YOU through:

1.       Figuring out how many children would be a part of the order

2.       Figuring out how many children outside of the potential order the obligor already has a duty to support

3.       Figuring out the Total Net Monthly Resources for the Obligor

4.       Applying Texas Family Code Guideline Child Support Percentages to the Total Net Monthly Resources for the Obligor



Due to a recent update in the law, the income presumption for the person paying child support does NOT apply if the court finds that the potential obligor will be in jail for a time exceeding 90 days.

This is different than what currently displays in the child support calculator. We are in the process of updating it. 

If the potential obligor is in jail for longer than 90 days, please do not use this calculator and consult with a licensed attorney. 

Click here for the statute, Texas Family Code Section 154.068 - Wage and Salary Presumption

Important Terms and Information to Review Before You Start

Obligor:  The parent ordered to pay child support.

Obligee:  The person receiving child support, on behalf of the children.