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Nondisclosure Orders in Harris County

Adult Criminal Records

Nondisclosure order eligibility, court processes, and forms specifically for Harris County

TheBeacon has created the Clear Your Record Harris County tool to help people seal their Harris County criminal history. 

What is the Clear Your Record tool?

Clear Your Record Harris County automatically looks up and reviews your Harris County criminal history to see if you qualify for a nondisclosure order. The tool is free. All you have to do is answer a few questions.

The website also has instructions on how to apply for a nondisclosure order in Harris County specifically. This is helpful because Texas court procedures vary widely from place to place.

Can I use the Clear Your Record tool outside of Harris County?

Clear Your Record Harris County is for Harris County criminal records only. The incident you want to seal must have happened in Harris County to use the tool.

To see if you are eligible for a nondisclosure outside of Harris County, you can use the statewide Fresh Start eligibility tool. Note that the Fresh Start eligibility tool does not give county-specific filing instructions and does not look up and review your history for you.

Can the Clear Your Record tool tell me if I am eligible for expunction?

No. Clear Your Record Harris County only looks at eligibility for nondisclosure orders. Nondisclosure orders seal your record so that only certain entities can view it. Expunction removes the record entirely. 

Learn more about the difference between nondisclosures and expunction.

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