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What are the work requirements for TANF?

Authored By: Partnership for Legal Access


TANF Work Requirements:

vTo receive TANF you must participate in CHOICES (formerly JOBS), the "Welfare to Work" program

vNon-compliance with CHOICES may result in a "sanction" or "penalty" and a reduction in the amount of TANF benefits. Failure to appeal a "sanction" or "penalty" may affect your ability to get a waiver of the federal 5 year life time TANF Limit.

vOnce determined eligible for TANF, you will be referred to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) for compliance with CHOICES program

vEach caretaker/parent age 16 through 59 who is not exempt must participate in employment services.

vExemptions to TANF work requirements:

ØExemptions include persons who are:

§children under age 19,

§age 60 and over,

§single parents or relatives caring for a child under age one,

§needed at home to provide care for an ill or disabled household member,

§temporarily or permanently disabled,

§pregnant and unable to work, or

§single grandparents, age 50 or over, caring for a child under age three.

Ø"Good cause" because not able to meet work requirements (specific & limited)

vIf You Find a Job While Receiving TANF:

ØYou must report your new job and income to your Texas Works advisor & TxHHSC right away.

ØWhen you begin working, your family may still get benefits that will help ease your move from TANF/welfare to work.

ØDepending on how much you earn, you may still receive;

§Part of your TANF grant for the first 4 months of employment;

§Help with child care expenses;

§Food stamps; and/or