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Authored By: Attorney General of Texas
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Income Withholding FAQs

Income withholding means that your child support is taken directly out of your paycheck and sent to your child. Federal law requires that income withholding be included in all child support orders. This law applies to cases that were opened after 1993. If your case was opened before 1993, you should talk to an attorney to determine what income withholding laws apply to your child support order.

While an income withholding order must be included in all child support orders, deductions do not always begin right away. Instead, a judge may decide that there is good reason to allow the parent to make payments on his/her own according to the court order. When this happens, the income withholding order will remain in place but will not become active until the amount of child support owed (arrearages) equal a full month's payment. In other words, the IWO acts as a safety net that is triggered when payments are skipped or underpaid by a certain amount.

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Last Review and Update: Jun 12, 2015