The Homeless Veteran's Resource Guide

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"Veterans account for nearly a quarter of the homeless population in the United States. The large majority of these veterans served in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) expects thousands more returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to end up homeless. Homelessness among veterans is largely understood to be a problem coming from the stresses and effects of combat. Returning veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression, physical injuries, or other related conditions often find it hard to rejoin society and as a result end up living on the streets or worse. It is important that veterans know that there are programs out there that can help them get back on their feet, not only by providing a place to sleep and food to eat, but by providing counseling and reintegration help. This guide will first discuss the national programs available to homeless veterans and then list several state programs. A useful companion guide to this document is Are You Leaving Money on the Table. Contacting one of these organizations can dramatically change the life of a veteran who is struggling to get by."

Last Review and Update: Oct 25, 2012