Terminating Paternity

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Terminating the Parent-Child Relationship Based on Mistaken Paternity

You may be able to ask the court to terminate your rights and duties as a parent if you later find out you’re not the genetic father. Read these detailed instructions to find out if you meet the requirements of the law and the deadline to file.

Find out more by reading Texas Family Code Section 161.005. Find it online at www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/.


The following forms may be used to file or respond to a case asking to terminate a man’s parental rights based on genetic testing that proves the man is not the father. You may need one or more of the forms depending on the circumstances and your role in the case. You may need additional forms depending on your case. Read the instructions first. Talk to a lawyer before you file anything.

Instructions–Terminating Your Rights After Finding Out You’re Not the Genetic Father

Forms filed by the man

Forms filed by other person or persons involved in the case

Order forms to be filled out for the Judge to sign

Last Review and Update: Feb 18, 2014