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Tenants' Rights Handbook

Authored By: Texas Young Lawyers Association; State Bar of Texas; Texas A&M Real Estate Center
Information Click Here for the Tenant's Rights Handbook! Click here for a similar Guide from the Texas A&M Real Estate Center



The handbook at the link below is for residential tenants and is published as a public service by the Texas Young Lawyers Association. It is their goal that distribution and use of the handbook will explain many of the questions and legal issues that arise in a landlord-tenant relationship.


Table of Contents

Overview - Page 1

Selecting Your New Home - Page 2

Application Fees - Page 3

The Lease and Important Provisions

Rent and Late Fees - Page 4

House Rules - Page 5

Landlord's Right To Enter - Page 6

Repair Language - Page 6

Occupants and Visitors - Page 7

Parking and Towing Rules and Policies - Page 7

Lease Time Period and Month-to-Month Leases - Page 8

Changing Terms in the Middle or End of a Lease - page 8

Moving Into Your New Home - Page 9

Information on Renters' Insurance from the Texas Department of Insurance - page 9

Tenant Rights and Remedies

Repairs and Improvements - Pages 11 - 20

Locks and Security Devices - Page 20

Smoke Detectors - Page 21

Security Deposits - Page 23

Finding Out Who Owns and Manages the Premises - Page 26

Discrimination - Page 27

Landlord's Duty to Accommodate Tenants with Disabilities - Page 28

Serving Court Papers on Your Landlord - Page 29

Tenant Duties and Consequences

Lockouts - Page 29

Utility Disconnection - Page 30

Landlord's RIght to Remove Property - Page 32

Subleasing - Page 34

Cotenancy - Page 34

Eviction - Pages 34 - 38

Termination and Moving

By Agreement - Page 40

The Lease Ends - Page 40

Termination for Landlord Failures or Military Transfers - Page 41

Termination for Tenant Breach - Page 41

Change in Landlord - Page 42

Consequences for Terminating Without Excuse - Page 42

Moving  - Page 43

Mobile Homes - Page 43

Click Here for the Tenant's Rights Handbook!: www.texasbar.com

Click here for a similar Guide from the Texas A&M Real Estate Center: recenter.tamu.edu

Last Review and Update: Jun 23, 2015