Right to Summon Police

Authored By: Texas RioGrande Legal Aid
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A landlord may not prohibit or limit a tenant's right to summon police or other emergency assistance in response to family violence. In addition, the landlord may not impose any penalties, monetary or otherwise, on a tenant who summons such assistance. Any written provision in the lease that claims to modify these rights and duties of the tenant and landlord is void. If a landlord violates your rights under this law, you would be entitled to sue your landlord in court for one month's rent, actual damages, court costs, attorney's fees, and injunctive relief. You have two years from a violation within which to file a lawsuit for damages. A landlord should also not evict or threaten to evict a tenant or fail to renew a lease because the tenant has been a victim of crime, including the crime of domestic violence.

Last Review and Update: Mar 09, 2011