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Parent's Guide to Child Protective Services

Authored By: Texas Supreme Court Children's Commission and University of Texas Law School: William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law
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Parent's Guide to Child Protective Services

Angry. Sad. Embarrassed. Stressed. 

You might be feeling all of these emotions and more if your family is involved with Child Protective Services (CPS). When CPS is in your life, you may have to do things you’ve never had to do before like talking to an investigator, returning phone calls to a caseworker, setting up appointments with different people, and keeping those appointments even when it seems impossible. You may also have to keep a job or go to school or find a new place to live. You might be worried about being treated fairly and whether you can trust the people you talk to. Most of all, you are probably worried about what will happen to your children and family.

 How to Use This Book

Do not be scared by the amount of information in this Handbook. You do not have to read all of it. Depending on what’s going on with your case, you may find some parts more helpful than others. If you have a lawyer, you will want to ask him or her which sections of this book would be best for you to read.

This handbook describes what happens when CPS investigates you or removes your child. 

Click the link below to read more about what you can do if CPS removes your child.

CPS Parent Resource Guide