Nursing Homes - A Guide

Authored By: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Texas Attorney General; Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services


How to Choose a Nursing Home


The majority of nursing homes are staffed by compassionate and caring individuals who provide excellent service to the residents. By knowing what to look for, residents and their families can find the best nursing home possible.

 Your Rights as a Nursing Home Resident 

People go to nursing homes for different reasons, including if they're sick, hurt, had surgery and need to get better, or have chronic care needs or disabilities that require on-going nursing care. The publication below can help you make informed decisions and inform you about your rights as a nursing home resident.

 Medicare and Medicaid Coverage of Nursing Home Care



What is an Ombusman and How do I contact them?


An obmbusman serves to advocate for the quality of life and care of residents in nursing homes and assisted living  facilities. Please click the following link for more information. If you or a loved one is having trouble working with a nursing home, please consider contacting the Texas Long Term Care Ombusman Program.

Last Review and Update: Jun 26, 2015