Seniors and The Law

Authored By: Texas Young Lawyers Association
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Seniors and the Law

This packet, written by the Texas Young Lawyers Association, is a great all in one guide to the laws that affect senior citizens in Texas. Because this packet is so comprehensive, we have provided a table of contents on this page to help you find the information you need more easily. Check the table of contents below and then read all of the information in the packet by clicking on either of the links below.

  1. Social Security Benefits - Page 2
  2. Financial Assistance for Seniors (Electric Bill, Homestead Exemption, Etc.) - Page 5
  3. Choosing Where to Live (Housing Options - Nursing Homes Etc.) - Page 6
  4. Health Benefits (Medicare, Medigap, Medicaid, and Long Term Medicaid Etc.) - Page 8
  5. Planning Ahead - Incapacities, Disabilities and Dying (Power of Attorney, HIPAA and Medical Records, Living Will, Guardianship, Living Trust) - Page 12
  6. Wills, Estate Planning, and Other Probate Information - Page 14
  7. Employment Discrimination - Page - 16
  8. Getting Around - Page 16
  9. Handling Elder Abuse - Page 18
  10. Avoding Consumer Scams and Identity Theft - Page 19
  11. Getting Divorced Or Remarried - Page 22
  12. Raising Your Grandchildren - Page 23
  13. Getting Legal Assistance  - Page 25

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Last Review and Update: Jun 09, 2015