Income Withholding for Support

An Income Withholding for Support Order (IWO) orders an employer to withhold child support and/or spousal support/maintenance from an employee’s paycheck. An IWO is always based on a separate order to a parent or spouse/ex-spouse to pay support – usually as part of a divorce, paternity case, or suit affecting the parent-child relationship (SAPCR).

The Income Withholding for Support Order (IWO) form approved by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) must now be usedin all cases in which child support or spousal support/maintenance is ordered withheld from an employee’s paycheck. No other IWO form can be used.

Click here for fillable version of the required IWO form (with Texas options prefilled)

Click here for Simplified IWO Instructions

Click here for Sample IWO

Basic Instructions: Read the Simplified IWO Instructions and Sample IWO. Fill out the required IWO form. If possible, hire an attorney to review your completed form. Take the completed IWO form to the Judge who signed, or will sign, your child support order or spousal support/spousal maintenance order. Ask the Judge to sign your IWO. File your IWO in the District Clerk’s Office. Ask the clerk to send your IWO to the employer of the person ordered to pay support.

Note: If the employee/obligor changes jobs, you must have the IWO sent the new employer. If the support amount ordered withheld changes, you must have an amended IWO sent to the employer.

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