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Immigration Basics

The United States immigration process is very complex and can be overwhelming for most people- including many attorneys who do not specialize in immigration law! An experienced immigration lawyer can help you determine what categories you might qualify under, examine the strength of those qualifications and then build a strategy for arguing your application before an immigration judge. If you need help finding a lawyer with the right kind of experience for your situation, the American Immigration Lawyer's Association has built a tool to help you find one. Lawyers will charge different fees depending on the complexity of your situation. You can ask the attorney you contact upfront if there is a consultation fee.


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Notario Fraud

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for immigration consultants or notarios to take advantage of people who want to legally immigrate to the United States. Dishonest immigration consultants know that immigration law is complicated and confusing to many immigrants. They take advantage of this confusion by charging money for ineffective help. Some file the wrong paperwork and others do not ever file anything at all.

Notarios and immigration consultants should not fill out forms that you do not understand yourself or tell you what immigration category you should apply for. If you do not understand an immigration form or legal document yourself you should contact an attorney. Many legitimate attorneys charge lower fees than notarios and will give you professional help.

In Texas, notario fraud should be reported as the unathorized practice of law. If you need to report an incident of notario fraud, click here to contact the Texas Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee and make a report online.

Last Review and Update: Feb 12, 2015