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How do I apply for TANF?

Authored By: Partnership for Legal Access


Applying for TANF:
You can apply for TANF by:
  • Going to the TxHHSC office nearest to you. You can either go without an appointment or you can call to schedule an appointment to apply at a local office ofTxHHSC
  • Calling on the telephone (dial 2-1-1) and
    • Ask that TxHHSC take your application by telephone;
    • Ask that TxHHSC mail you an application;
    • Ask that aTxHHSCcaseworker contact you to set up a telephone interview;
    • Ask where is the closest TxHHSC office to you
  • Completing a paper application and sending it by mail or fax to TxHHSC. You can get a paper application by:
    • Printing, downloading, or requesting it from the internet at www.yourtexasbenefits.com
    • Submitting a written request for an application by way of mail or fax, or
    • Picking an application up in a TxHHSC office or other locations that carry them.
  • You may also apply for TANF online at:  www.yourtexasbenefits.com/ssp/SSPHome/ssphome.jsp
Verification Documents:
  • You will need to provide TxHHSC with certain verification documents.
  • Verification documents are documents that provide evidence of information you submit in your application, such as your earned income, expenses, etc.
  • Examples of verification documents include a birth certificate, pay stub, utility bill, etc.
  • The verification documents you need to submit vary based on your personal situation. TxHHSC will let you know what, if any, verification documents you should submit and the deadline for sending them.