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 TexasLawHelp Divorce Form Set B (children together)

Use these forms if:

  • you and your spouse have children who are under 18 or still in high school and
  • there are no court orders about the children.

Note:  If you have a family violence protective order that includes orders about the children, you should still use Form Set B.  Attach a copy of the protective order to your Original Petition for Divorce.

Read How to File an Uncontested Divorce first.  You may not need all of the forms listed.

Forms filed by one spouse to start the divorce process

Forms filed by the other spouse  (if your case is agreed)

Form that must be filed if either spouse changes his or her address

Order forms to be filled out for the Judge to sign at the final hearing

  • Final Decree of Divorce
    Note: This Final Decree of Divorce form includes the Standard Possession Order. If this standard visitation schedule doesn't work for your family or would not be safe for your children, you may use a Modified Possession Order or Supervised Possession Order instead.  You may hire a private lawyer to draft the modified or supervised possession order or click the Free Live Chat button for information about other resources.  
  • Income Withholding for Support Order (if child support will be ordered)   

Additional forms to be filled out for the final hearing if your case is a Default

Sample testimony for final hearing


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