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  • TexasLawHelp.org now offers interactive forms -- by clicking on the links below, you will be redirected to LawHelpInteractive.org, where you will take a step by step "interview" that will ask you questions, and you will type in your answers.  
  • Once the interview is complete, a legal document will be generated, which you may print off. 
  • These online forms work best in Internet Explorer.  Click here to Get Internet Explorer.
  • Please follow the instructions carefully.  We also encourage you to sign up (free) with LawHelpInteractive.org so that you may save your work should you need to exit the interview before it is completed.  
  • These interactive forms can only be used if the divorce, and all issues of the divorce, are agreed.  This is called an "uncontested" divorce.  For a general overview of how to file for an uncontested divorce, please read The Uncontested Divorce Process in Texas.

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