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Texas ROSE is:   All about Affordable Electricity And A Healthy Environment A nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization that represents residential and low-income consumers to promote energy efficiency and fair utility programs. We are the only public interest group in Texas dedicated to providing straightforward, plain language information, representation before the Public Utility Commission of Texas, advocacy for low-income consumers, and education and training. Texas ROSE has been operating since 1992 and has hundreds of members in all parts of Texas. Texas ROSE works with other consumer groups, consumers, the Public Utility Commission, electric companies, and others to develop programs and policies that benefit consumers, low-income consumers, and the environment. Mission and Goals Affordable Electricity and a Healthy Environment. Our goals are: To promote a diverse, balanced electric utility resource mix which will provide long-term, affordable, sustainable energy supplies for residential and low-income consumers. To assure that energy conservation benefits are available to all classes of customers, especially low-income customers and renters. To promote energy conservation and renewable energy as viable resource options through an integrated resource planning process in a competitive market. To supplant all planned construction of dirty fossil fuel plants with energy-efficiency and a cleaner mix of alternative energy sources by the year 2005. To provide reliable information to commissioners and public utility boards on the benefits, advantages, and costs associated with energy conservation programs, renewable energy applications and resource planning standards. To educate and empower the general public on utility issues affecting customer costs and the environment.

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Texas Ratepayers' Organization to Save Energy
815 Brazos St. Ste. 1100 (map)
Austin, TX 78701

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