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Houston Lawyer Referral Service


Who We Are

HLRS provides referrals to over 200 private practice attorneys who have been screened and selected on experience in specific areas of the law. HLRS serves individuals with a legal matter in the Houston Metropolitan area including Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Galveston counties, Texas.


If qualified , HLRS also offers a reduced fee service (25% off of the regular rate).For Reduced Fee program an application must be requested and the total household income cannot be over 225% of poverty level. Also liquid assets cannot be over $3000. Client responsible to $20 consultation fee and any retainer and additional payments to the attorney for legal services.


Please call the number below to contact the Houston Lawyer Referral Service.  You can also contact them online at the website below as well.

General Contact Information

Houston Lawyer Referral Service
1001 Fannin St. (map)
Ste. 1370
Houston, TX 77002
Last Review and Update: Feb 02, 2015

Choose a legal issue to learn more about the services provided:

Civil Rights and Discrimination > Civil Rights - Other Information and Assistance

Civil Rights and Discrimination > Discrimination (Equal Protection)

Civil Rights and Discrimination > Due Process Protections

Civil Rights and Discrimination > Employment Discrimination

Civil Rights and Discrimination > First Amendment Protections

Civil Rights and Discrimination > Housing Discrimination

Civil Rights and Discrimination > Prisons and Jails

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Autos: Fraud, Insurance, Repairs, and Towing

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Bankruptcy

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Budgets and Financial Planning

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Consumer Protection and Fraud

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Contracts and Warranty Rights

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Credit Cards, Reports, and Repair

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Debt Collection, Garnishment, and Reposession

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Eviction

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Foreclosure

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Identity Theft

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Insurance

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Justice Court (Small Claims Court) Guidelines

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Other Consumer/Finance

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Payday Loans, Debt, and Banking Regulations

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Read About Consumer Law

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Taxes

Consumer Protection & Debt Relief > Utilities - Gas, Electric, Phone, Water

Disability > Assistive Technology and Access

Disability > Disability Rights

Disability > Education and Disability Rights

Disability > Employment Law and Worker's Compensation

Disability > Estate Planning

Disability > Guardianship for Persons with Disabilities

Disability > Medicare, Medicaid, and Nursing Homes

Disability > Mental Health Issues

Disability > Other Disability

Disability > Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance

Disaster Recovery and Relief > Consumer Protection and Fraud

Disaster Recovery and Relief > Disaster Relief and Housing

Disaster Recovery and Relief > Education (Schools)

Disaster Recovery and Relief > Employment Law and Disaster Relief

Disaster Recovery and Relief > FEMA Benefits

Disaster Recovery and Relief > Insurance Claims

Disaster Recovery and Relief > Other Disaster Issues

Disaster Recovery and Relief > Persons with Disabilities

Disaster Recovery and Relief > Public Benefits and Disaster Reielf

Disaster Recovery and Relief > Tax Issues

Disaster Recovery and Relief > Wills and Estates

Domestic Violence or Abuse > Abuse, Neglect, and Foster Care

Domestic Violence or Abuse > Immigration and Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence or Abuse > Protective Orders

Domestic Violence or Abuse > Sexual Assault and Violence

Domestic Violence or Abuse > Shelters and Support Services

Domestic Violence or Abuse > Spouse/Partner/Dating Abuse

Domestic Violence or Abuse > Stalking or Harrasment

Employment Law > Disability Rights and Employment

Employment Law > Employee Benefits(Pensions,Health Care, and More)

Employment Law > Fair Labor Standards (Minimum Wage, Overtime Pay, Child Labor)

Employment Law > Family and Medical Leave Act

Employment Law > Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA)

Employment Law > Other Employment

Employment Law > Unemployment Benefits

Employment Law > Unpaid Wages

Employment Law > Worker's Compensation - Injured on the Job

Families and Kids > Adoption and Foster Care

Families and Kids > Child Support

Families and Kids > CPS Investigations

Families and Kids > Custody or Visitation

Families and Kids > Divorce

Families and Kids > Domestic Violence or Abuse

Families and Kids > Free Family Law Forms (Divorce and More)

Families and Kids > Grandparent's Rights

Families and Kids > Health and the Family

Families and Kids > Juvenile Justice

Families and Kids > Kincare: Caring for Extended Family

Families and Kids > Marriage

Families and Kids > Military Families

Families and Kids > Name Change

Families and Kids > Other Family or Juvenile Issues

Families and Kids > Paternity

Families and Kids > Read About Family Law

Families and Kids > Scholarships and Student Loans

Health > Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Health > Children's Health Programs

Health > Chronic Illness Support Services

Health > Insurance

Health > Medicaid

Health > Medicare

Health > Mental Health

Health > Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Health > Other Health Issues

Health > Powers of Attorney, DNR, and Similar Documents

Health > Prescription Drug Benefit Programs

Health > Women's Health

Housing > Deed Information (Contract for Deed, Quitclaim Deed, etc.)

Housing > Foreclosure

Housing > Homeownership

Housing > Landlord Tenant Law

Housing > Mobile Homes

Housing > Other Housing Issues

Housing > Property Laws

Housing > Public Housing (Subsidized Housing, Section 8,and More)

Immigration > Asylum and Refugee Status

Immigration > Deportation or Removal

Immigration > Domestic Violence and Immigration

Immigration > HIV Waivers

Immigration > Immigration and Employment Law (VISAS)

Immigration > Immigration and the Family (VISAS)

Immigration > Naturalization/Citizenship

Immigration > Other Immigration

Immigration > Other Types of Petitions (VISAS)

Immigration > Other Waivers of Removal

Immigration > Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

LGBT > Estate and Life Planning

LGBT > Fair Housing

LGBT > Health Issues

Public Benefits > Assistance for Injured Workers

Public Benefits > Children's Medicaid/Health Programs

Public Benefits > Disability and/or Senior Assistance

Public Benefits > Food Assistance

Public Benefits > Medicaid

Public Benefits > Medicare

Public Benefits > Other Public Benefits

Public Benefits > Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits

Public Benefits > Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Public Benefits > Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Public Benefits > Utilities Assistance - Gas, Electric, Phone, Water

Public Benefits > Women, Infants, & Children Nutrition Program (WIC)

Seniors and the Law > Grandparents' Rights

Seniors and the Law > Guardianship

Seniors and the Law > Medicaid

Seniors and the Law > Medicare

Seniors and the Law > Nursing Homes

Seniors and the Law > Other Elder Law Issues

Seniors and the Law > Powers of Attorney, DNR, and Similar Documents

Seniors and the Law > Prescription Drug Benefits

Seniors and the Law > Retirement and Pension

Seniors and the Law > Social Security

Seniors and the Law > Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Veterans and Military > Benefits

Veterans and Military > Burial & Memorials

Veterans and Military > Family Law and Military Families

Veterans and Military > Legal Assistance and Support Services

Veterans and Military > Military Courts

Veterans and Military > Other Military and Veteran Issues

Veterans and Military > Selected Military Laws

Victims of Crime > Crime Victim Compensation

Victims of Crime > Crime Victim's Rights

Victims of Crime > Domestic Violence or Abuse

Victims of Crime > Identity Theft

Victims of Crime > Sexual Assault

Wills and Life Planning > Dying With a Will and Probate

Wills and Life Planning > Dying Without a Will (Intestate Succession)

Wills and Life Planning > Guardianship

Wills and Life Planning > Powers of Attorney, DNR, and Similar Documents

Wills and Life Planning > Probate Law

Wills and Life Planning > Small Estates

Wills and Life Planning > Trusts