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In 2012, the Baylor Law School created a pro bono legal clinic that is serving a very deserving segment of our community, our veterans. Our goal is to bring our law students, law faculty, and local attorneys together in this endeavor to provide needed legal services. While providing legal assistance that is greatly needed by 19,000 veterans who reside in McLennan County, this pro bono clinic will also help to instill within our law students the desire to serve and volunteer. We hope that in serving our most deserving citizens we will ignite a fire in these young people that will continue and grow as they continue with their legal careers.

Due to the proximity to Fort Hood, McLennan County is home to approximately 19,000 veterans. Since the clinic began in September 2012 we have assisted 380 veterans with legal issues ranging from family law matters, including custody and child support, to consumer debt and bankruptcy issues to real property matters involving foreclosures and landlord tenant disputes. We have gathered the support of 72 local attorneys and 200 law students to join together to provide these services. Not only are we having a direct impact on the lives of our veterans, we are also promoting a passion for pro bono work in the next generation of lawyers.

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Baylor University - Veterans Legal Clinic
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