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This section will provide good informaiton on how to conduct legal research and more!

  • How to Research a Legal Problem

    This guide is intended to help a person with a legal problem find legal rules that can resolve or prevent conflict. Read More

    American Association of Law Libraries
  • TexasLawHelp's Guide to the Legal Research Process

    Click here for a guide to doing your own legal research. Read More

    Texas Partnership for Legal Accee
  • Discovery in Texas - Investigate and Prepare for Trial

    Click here for a general overview of the discovery process in civil lawsuits in Texas. Read More

    Texas Partnership for Legal Access
  • Glossary for the Texas Civil Courts Guide

    Definitions for legal terms used in the Texas Civil Courts Guide. Read More

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  • How to Locate Free Case Law On The Internet

    Case law used to be only readily searchable in a law library. Thanks to the internet that has changed a bit, now cases can be found online in some instances. The information here tells you how to locate free case law on the internet. Content Detail

    United States Library of Congress
  • A Guide to Using Secondary Resources

    Going through the legal system on your own and have NO idea of where to start your research? Secondary Sources are for you. Secondary Resources are what lawyers consult when they don't know an area of law well. Secondary Sources summarize areas of law and point to other places to guide your research. The link below gives you a guide to using secondary resources. Content Detail

    United States Library of Congress
  • FREE access to online legal research databases!

    The Texas State Law Library can help you if you find yourself going through the legal system on your own. If you sign up for a free Texas State Law Library Card, you get FREE access to online databases. One of these is the Stevenson Legal Forms and Practice Guide for Texas. This contains a series of forms and instructions. Please note these are meant and written for lawyers, but are available to the public as well. NOTE: These are not meant to take the place of talking to an attorney. It is always best to get detailed legal advice from an attorney when going through the legal system. Read More

    Texas State Law Library
  • Free Law Dictionary

    This section offers clear English (plain language) definitions of common legal terms used in the Legal Library. We would like to thank the Maryland's People Law Library and Arkansas Legal Services for much of the following content. Content Detail

    Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. ; Maryland's People Law Library and Arkansas Legal Services
  • Introduction to Basic Legal Citation

    This work first appeared in 1993. It was most recently revised in the fall of 2012 to take account of changes in the citation rules of a small number of U.S. jurisdictions and the format of currency information furnished for statutes by LexisNexis and Westlaw. As was true of the editions released in 2010 and 2011 it is indexed to the fourth edition of the ALWD Citation Manual and the nineteenth edition of The Bluebook, both published in 2010. Read More

    Cornell Law School
  • Statutes of Limitation in Civil Lawsuits

    The handout below will give you a quick general idea of what a statute of limitation is, why it is a valuable law in our legal system, and the length of time you have to file certain lawsuits. Read More

    Texas Partnership for Legal Access; Texas Legal Services Center
  • 10 Step Guide to Legal Research

    The links here give good , detailed, information on how to conduct legal research and the steps involved. Please Note that this is written for law students, so it is not in complete plain English. Read More

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