Information to Help You Through the Legal System

General Legal Information

This section will provide information to help you through the legal system. It includes articles, faqs and more.

  • Free Online Legal Clinic

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    Self-Represented Litigants Project, Legal Aid and Law Libraries throughout Texas
  • Affirmative Defenses Guide: Information and Examples

    Click here for a guide to affirmative defenses in Texas. This guide can better explain the affirmative defenses on the civil answer and information sheet. Read More

    Texas Legal Services Center; Texas Partnership for Legal Access
  • Live Chat

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    Texas Legal Services Center
  • Statutes of Limitation in Civil Lawsuits

    The handout below will give you a quick general idea of what a statute of limitation is, why it is a valuable law in our legal system, and the length of time you have to file certain lawsuits. Read More

    Texas Partnership for Legal Access; Texas Legal Services Center