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Landlord Tenant Law

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  • Help! I Need Repairs PDF

    By Texas law, the landlord is only required to repair problems that affect the physical health or safety of an ordinary tenant. Content Detail

    Texas RioGrande Legal Aid - Austin
  • Self-Help Repair Packet PDF

    The Austin Tenants' Council provides this Self-Help Repair Packet for informational purposes so tenants can enforce their rights for repairs. Content Detail

    Austin Tenants' Council
  • Application Deposit Refund Demand Letter and Application Fee/Deposit Information.

    If you are trying to get your application deposit and or fee returned to you, this form can help. It has the applicable law and a pre-written fill in the blank letter you can send to request your application deposit and/or fee back. As always, before sending this form, make sure to review the applicable law. Applicable law includes Sections 92.3515, 92.352, and 92.354 of the Texas Property Code. Also, please review the application deposit/application fee information below as well. Read More

    Austin Tenant's Council
  • The Family Violence Victim's Right to Break A Lease

    This publication tells you when and how you can break a residential lease if you a victim of family violence. Read More

    Texas Legal Services Center; Texas Partnership for Legal Access