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  • Application Deposits

    Explains what an application deposit is, and what your rights are with regards to your deposit. Content Detail

  • Before You Sign A Lease

    Read this to find out what you need to do to protect yourself BEFORE signing a lease. Content Detail

  • House Rules

    What rules can a landlord impose on a tenant? Do they have to be part of the written lease agreement? Content Detail

  • Landlord Took Property

    Does your landlord have the right to take your property if you fall behind on your rent? Yes, under certain circumstances. Read more to find out what the landlord is allowed to do and what you can do to protect your rights. Content Detail

  • Late Fees

    Can the landlord charge you a late fee if you don't pay your rent on time? Content Detail

  • Lease

    Explains what a lease is, what the different types of leases are, and the basic rules that apply to all leases. Content Detail

  • Self-Help Repair Packet PDF

    The Austin Tenants' Council provides this Self-Help Repair Packet for informational purposes so tenants can enforce their rights for repairs. Content Detail

  • A Lock-Out is Not an Eviction

    The intended purpose of the lockout law is only to force a tenant who is delinquent in rent to have contact with the landlord to discuss the problem or to arrange payment. Content Detail

  • Eviction

    What is "eviction" and what steps must a landlord take to remove a tenant? Explains the eviction process and the steps you need to take in order to defend yourself in an eviction proceeding. Content Detail

  • Locked Out

    Can a landlord can lock a tenant out for not paying their rent? Yes, but there are specific rules that a landlord must follow when locking a tenant out. This explains what the rules are and what you can do if the landlord breaks the rules. Content Detail

  • Locks and Security Devices

    Texas law requires landlords to install certain minimum security measures such as door locks and window latches. This documents explains specifically what security measures landlords are and aren't required to provide. Content Detail

  • Mobile Homes

    If you rent your mobile home, the same rules that apply to any other renters apply to you. To find out more, click on the resource on this page or on Texas Tenant Advisor that best describes your problem. If you own your mobile and rent the lot, special rules apply, and you should read this to find out about them. If you own Texas Resources Content Detail

  • Privacy

    A landlord does not have the right to enter your home whenever they want to. When you are at home, the landlord can only enter with your permission. There may be circumstances where the landlord can enter your apartment when you are not home. These will be spelled out in your lease. Read this to find out more regarding your right of possession. Content Detail

  • Repairs

    Tenants have the right to have any condition that threatens their health or safety repaired. Content Detail