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Free Family Law Forms (Divorce and More)

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  • Motion to Set Hearing - Divorce PDF

    Some courts require the spouse who filed for divorce (the petitioner) to submit a motion in order to get a hearing date. Use these forms if your particular court requires a "motion to set" and "order setting hearing." Some courts only ask that you contact your spouse (the respondent) and come to an agreement as to the date and time of the hearing, and no extra form is necessary. Content Detail

  • How to File an Appeal

    This how-to guide explains how to file an appeal to a court's decision and includes sample templates and explanations for the necessary paperwork and court-imposed deadlines. Content Detail

  • SAPCR Instructions PDF

    Instructions: SAPCR: Custody, Visitation & Support When You're Not Divorcing Content Detail

  • Tips for the Courtroom PDF

    Be prepared when the judge calls your case. Content Detail