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Free Family Law Forms (Divorce and More)

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  • Notice of Nonsuit Without Prejudice PDF

    Click this link for information and forms on how to withdraw a case you have already filed. Content Detail

  • General Affidavit (free form) PDF

    A General Affidavit is a written statement, sworn to be true, giving specific reasons to support the things you are asking a judge to do. It is required when you ask the court for "extraordinary" or extra special relief like removing someone from a home or protecting children from an abusive parent These forms have instructions on how to complete the affidavit and a blank affidavit form. Content Detail

  • Posting Kit

    If you are unable to locate your spouse, and you and your spouse have no significant property, minor children, or disabled children in need of child support, then these forms can help your gice your spouse legal notice. Read More

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  • DWOP (free forms)

    Is your case about to be dismissed ("DWOP"ed) because you have taken no action? Use these forms to ask the Court to keep your case on the docket. Read More

  • Publication for Divorce Cases

    Instructions & Forms for Service by Publication if you are filing a Divorce with Children. Read More

  • Affidavit of Indigency free forms

    Use this form if you can’t afford to pay court fees because you have a very low income. This form is also called an “Affidavit of Inability to Pay Court Costs” or a “Pauper’s Oath.” You must either 1) sign this form in front of a notary public or 2) sign this form and sign and attach an Unsworn Declaration form. Note: Some courts will only accept this form if it is signed in front of a notary public. Read More

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  • Service by Publication

    Instructions & Forms for Service by Publication. Read More

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  • Establishing Paternity Start Here

    FAQs, Instructions and Do-It-Yourself Forms Frequently Asked Questions about Texas Paternity Law. How paternity is established by presumption, voluntary acknowledgment and court order. Do-it-yourself forms that may be used to ask for a court order establishing paternity of a child. Read More

  • IWO Income Withholding for Support

    The Income Withholding for Support Order (IWO) form approved by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) must now be usedin all cases in which child support or spousal support/maintenance is ordered withheld from an employee’s paycheck. No other IWO form can be used. Read More

  • Terminate Withholding for Child Support Free Forms

    Use these FREE forms if you want to stop child support from being withheld from your paycheck because child support is no longer required in your case. Read More

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  • Mistaken Paternity

    Instructions and Do-It-Yourself Forms Information about taking back (rescinding) an acknowledgment or denial of paternity. Do-it-yourself forms that may be used to challenge an acknowledgment or denial of paternity. Do-it-yourself forms that may be used by a man to terminate his parental rights based on mistaken paternity. Read More

  • Motion to Set Hearing - SAPCR PDF

    Some courts require the the petitioner to submit a motion in order to get a hearing date. Use these forms if your particular court requires a "motion to set" and "order setting hearing." Some courts only ask that you contact the other parent (the respondent) and come to an agreement as to the date and time of the hearing, and no extra form is necessary. Content Detail

  • Correcting a Clerical Mistake in a Judgment (Nunc Pro Tunc)

    Use these forms to fix a mistake, when the order that the judge has signed is incorrect. Read More